Wealth Management

Specific areas of coverage include:

  • ‘C-Suite’ & Executive Board (CEO/CFO/COO/CIO)
  • Chief Representatives & Location Country Heads
  • Country Market Heads
  • Desk Heads
  • Senior Relationship Managers
  • EAM & Multi Family Office Advisory
  • Estate Planning, Trust & Fiduciary Services
  • Asset Allocation & Investment Strategy
  • Business, Strategy & Sales Management / CEO Office

Wealth Management has seen continuous and sustained growth, with a dramatic increase of first generation wealth, created by entrepreneurs in commodity driven countries such as China and Indonesia, which has seen the ‘East’ overtake the traditional ‘Western’ wealth hubs in recent years.

During a period where Asia is increasingly seen as a major engine of Global economic growth; providing a comprehensive and broad range of investment solutions and consistent portfolio performance is high on the agenda of most Wealth Managers. With an ongoing talent war ever present, the pressure to hire senior and tenured bankers who possess strong market knowledge and developed client networks is imperative.

Maintaining a competitive edge and maximising market share in the region remains top priority across the wealth sector.


Asset Management

Specific areas of coverage include:

  • ‘C-Suite’ & Executive Board
  • Chief Representatives & Location Head
  • Country Market Heads
  • Desk Heads
  • Senior Relationship Managers
  • EAM & Multi Family Office Advisory
  • Asset Allocation & Investment Strategy
  • (Buy/ Sell)
  • Prime Brokerage
  • Fund Management

Asset Management continues to mature in Asia with competition to win mandates remaining fierce; therefore the need for product improvement and creation is critical to meet the growing demands of sophisticated Asian investors (institutional and personal), who are rapidly emerging into ‘global investors’.

The industry has seen a surge of asset allocation products and multi asset income products managed out of Asia in the last five years, situating themselves amongst the most popular strategies in the region today. With Asian stock markets remaining volatile and no longer in a state of perpetual and consistent growth, it has become necessary to create new products diversifying from the “long-only” stock picking funds which have traditionally dominated the Asian landscape, meaning Asset Managers need to be more savvy and creative to thrive in this rapidly evolving sector.


External Asset Management & Family Offices

Specific areas of coverage include:

  • Senior Partners / Chief Executive
  • Relationship Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Analysts

Single family offices (SFO), external asset managers (EAM) and financial intermediaries (FIM) have become a growing force in Asia’s wealth management industry, with significant growth expected over the next few years. An established model in Europe, independent boutiques are now gathering pace in Asia, fueled by the growing need from end clients for independent and impartial construction of their wealth management portfolio’s.

Typically established by entrepreneurial relationship managers, they have adopted this model to offer strategic asset allocation and a multi-manager approach, as a ‘trusted advisor’ to their loyal and key client network. Through strong collaboration with custodian banks, clients continue to obtain reassurance from larger institutions whilst receiving access to bespoke and product diversity packaged for their individual investment needs.

Partnering with custodian banks, independent wealth managers and their clients can receive access to numerous product platforms, solution experts and the research capabilities of major international private banks, to help them manage their clients’ wealth effectively.


Investment Products & Advisory

Specific areas of coverage include:

  • Chief Investment Officers
  • Investment Counsellors
  • Product Specialists (Advisory, Execution and Dealing Desks)
  • Treasury & Money Markets
  • Discretionary & Non-Discretionary
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Active Advisory
  • Product Structuring & Solutions
  • Wealth Planning, Trust & Fiduciary

With recent instability in global financial markets and the ripple effect caused, due to macro factors such as the European debt crisis and lowered credit ratings across the banking industry in general, individual investors and private clients have taken a conservative approach when investing their wealth.

Therefore, the need for a seasoned advisor to provide sophisticated and holistic portfolio advice, incorporating a blend of both wealth preservation and capital creation products is essential for today’s investor.


Capital Markets

Despite global headwinds, Asia remains a focus of both global and regional firms developing their investment banking and global markets capability, as the Asian economy continues to evolve and mature;  the result has seen an increase in demand for more technical product and financing solutions across the region.

With sectors like infrastructure and real estate experiencing rapid and consistent growth across Greater China and Southeast Asia, investment banks have played an instrumental role in providing the financing solutions, both within equity and credit frameworks. With many countries in Asia moving more toward being ‘developed’ rather than ‘emerging’ economies, the pace of growth is unlikely to decrease as investment banks continue to fuel development in the region through capital injection.