Asset Management

Specific areas of coverage include:

  • ‘C-Suite’ & Executive Board
  • Chief Representatives & Location Head
  • Country Market Heads
  • Desk Heads
  • Senior Relationship Managers
  • EAM & Multi Family Office Advisory
  • Asset Allocation & Investment Strategy
  • (Buy/ Sell)
  • Prime Brokerage
  • Fund Management

Asset Management continues to mature in Asia with competition to win mandates remaining fierce; therefore the need for product improvement and creation is critical to meet the growing demands of sophisticated Asian investors (institutional and personal), who are rapidly emerging into ‘global investors’.

The industry has seen a surge of asset allocation products and multi asset income products managed out of Asia in the last five years, situating themselves amongst the most popular strategies in the region today. With Asian stock markets remaining volatile and no longer in a state of perpetual and consistent growth, it has become necessary to create new products diversifying from the “long-only” stock picking funds which have traditionally dominated the Asian landscape, meaning Asset Managers need to be more savvy and creative to thrive in this rapidly evolving sector.