Today, the employment market is faced with constant restructuring leading to executive displacement, with financial institutions often guided externally by global management consultancy firms on corporate cost cutting and business consolidation. Company executives and business leaders will typically sense change is inevitable, leaving them exposed to the unknown which can be stressful and traumatic.

Typically, the relationship between a ‘candidate’ and ‘search consultant’ has been driven by assignment, with the mandated search firm leading the initiative…

Executive Ingress provides a pro-active entrance into financial institutions, allowing C’Suite executives to take the driving seat in their own career progression, utilising the network and connectivity of our search specialists, we will help you navigate the balance between your individual aspirations with the realities of the hiring market.

We acknowledge as an executive, you are best able to decide your own future; we simply help guide you through the transition. Offering an interactive and personable consultation, our goal is helping you to achieve yours; this can be measured through reaching your desired compensation, joining an employer of choice or career advancement to the next level.


 (ˈɪŋɡrɛs) /  from Latin ingressus, from ingredī to go in, from gradī to step, go
1. the act of entering or going in;
2. a way in; entrance
3. the right or permission to enter