Research begins with our unparalleled Global database of over 52,000 finance professionals.

Nonetheless, our research does not stop there; the extensive professional network of our practice specialists, comprehensive research into target organisations, as well as thorough use of sophisticated, real-time search tools add depth as we continually refine and grow our market intelligence.

While most commonly associated with our retained executive search services, our internal research teams are also commissioned by clients for stand-alone mapping projects. Clients often wish to understand either a geographic market or an industry sector before making a long-term strategic investment.

Our research services can provide target maps of companies, profiles of competitors and individuals in the form of long lists or highlight potential investment opportunities for our clients.


Market Mapping

In today’s ever changing banking sector, market share continues to be the number one agenda for most institutions; success or failure can be the difference between ‘knowing’ your competitor and truly ‘understanding’ their business. We not only utilise our mapping to support our searches, but often undertake comprehensive profiling of market sectors for our clients to realign their human capital requirements and strategic focus.